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4 Ways You Can Help A Single Parent Family This Summer

  Summer is upon us. Most schools are already off, the remaining will be within the next week or so. For many, summer break means family vacations, down time, and a slower-paced life. However, for a single parent, now having the kids out of school can mean loss of...

Picking Up the Pieces

As a single grandparent with her own history of childhood abuse, Diane willingly sacrificed her financial security in an effort to help her granddaughter – now daughter – achieve a healthy mental state.

Failure to Thrive

There is a term in pediatrics known as failure to thrive, which generally refers to a child’s failed ability for proper physical growth and sometimes even poor intellectual, social, or emotional development. Causes of FTT can often be attributed (but not limited to)...

I’m Not a Good Christian

It’s my experience that many times when someone attempts to use Scripture as a weapon, they don’t have a good understanding of it in the first place.

Strength in the Weakness

Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a lot of heaviness and people who are just worn out lately: from work, stress, constantly negative news, and so on. Being a single parent is no easy task, and daily burdens may seem to be magnified compared to others.

Overcoming Unforgiveness

I once heard a story of how cattle ranchers out west must go down to the watering holes on cold mornings to chip away any ice that may have accumulated over night. Just a few pokes here and there quickly break up the ice and allows the animals to drink. What do you...

I Can Only Imagine

A few weeks ago, I attended an annual Summit for Fatherhood ministry leaders in the Northwest corner of Georgia—a beautiful establishment and setting! This was my fourth visit to the Summit in the past five years, so I know it well. I will say, however, the first...

Tithe Your Time

I’ve often said there are two things single parents are short on: time and money.

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