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August is Guest Blogger Month

  As has been the case for the past several years, A Father's Walk welcomes August as our "Guest Bloggers Month". Stay tuned during the upcoming weeks for posts from some of the best in single parent ministry. In the meantime, hold on to July while we have it!...

My Stuff Stays Here! When to Let Your Child Bring Possessions to the Other Home

It can be frustrating as a single parent to use your limited resources to provide for your child’s needs—only to have certain items go over to the other parent’s house and possibly not be returned.

What Men Need to Know About Abortion

  I was not a Christian when my daughter’s mom became pregnant. Although she and I were not together and I had no idea of what the future held, I was simultaneously ecstatic about becoming a dad, as well as terrified of the unknown. I remember a conversation she...

Helping Single Parents During Summer Break

          Memorial Day is over and summer is unofficially upon us. Usually this means family vacations, down time, and a slower-paced life, at least for a little while. While that may be true for many, for a single parent, having kids out of...

How Long Does it Take for a Child to Recover From the Divorce of Their Parents?

  How long does it take a child to recover from the divorce of their parents? The answer to this question can get complicated. Many divorcing parents think their children will get over the divorce fairly quickly. But what parents need to realize is while the...

5 Ways Fathers Can Pray for Their Children’s Stepfather

          In my own life, I will be the first to admit praying for my daughter’s stepfather has not been (nor continues to be) easy, but I can clearly see God at work. If you allow Him to, He can do the same for you.   Forgiveness Let me...

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The Daddy Gap

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Upon hearing the news that his father has gone to jail, a six-year-old boy poses the question of this generation: “Who’s going to take my Dad’s place?” The Daddy Gap takes an uncensored look at the distress so many fatherless families are in and provides desperately needed answers about how God responds to this question and how the Church should as well. Dawn Walker and Matt Haviland build a compelling case that not only are single parent families the “widows and orphans” of this generation, but that it is the Church, not the government, that should be responsible to care for them. Drawing from their own journeys as single parents, Dawn and Matt give heartfelt encouragement to these often marginalized families by sharing how God really sees them, loves them, and wants to heal and restore them. Full of rich insights and lavish grace, they also offer some hard truths about what redemption and restoration really require. Most importantly, they clear a path to help all wounded sons and daughters discover the Father they’ve always wanted and who has always wanted them.

westbow-press-zondervan CLICK HERE to purchase through WestBow/Zondervan. -OR- Order your copy by contacting Matt Haviland at (616) 581-4409, or by email: Payments can be made directly to Matt via PayPal:  CLICK HERE

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