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Christmas, Single Parents, and Immanuel

Christmas. Many of us think of it as a time of celebration of our Lord’s birth; a time of joy, creating and reliving childhood memories; music, family, food, and holiday cheer. This is the one season that seems almost magical- the most wonderful time of the year. For...

Preparing the Lone Traveler: Tips for Planning Your Solo Vacation

Imagine a trip unhindered by the plans and expectations of someone else. You can be your own travel guide and decide where you want to go and when you want to explore. Traveling alone can help your mental health or teach you things about yourself you wouldn’t learn...

Traditions as a Single Parent

Traditions: they mean something in a child’s life. Whether it’s an annual celebration, a special day of the week, or something that is just between you and your child, traditions have the ability to bring our sons and daughters back to a time in their life they can hold on to forever.

3 Ways to Defuse an Argument Before it Starts

The way we handle adverse times when they arise sets the bar for how our sons and daughters will too. Here are three quick ways we can avoid falling into the trap of excessive arguing, thus ensuring our children don’t become casualties due to our ignorance.

Single Dad, You Can Still Be “Dad”!

Single dad doesn’t always mean you will have your kids full time—and even if you are their primary caregiver, there are still bound to be times when you are apart from each other for longer periods of time. I once had a new single father describe being away from his...

A Single Parent’s Prayer

Father, I come before You today broken, yet humbled. Thank You my Lord for another opportunity to serve You; and although my circumstances may be far from ideal right now, they could not be in more perfect hands than Yours. Jesus, You call for all of us who are weary...


But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon. –Psalm 92:12 (NLT) Most of us are aware of two of the biggest species of trees on the earth: The Giant Sequoias and the Redwoods. Here are a few brief but fascinating facts about...

5 Ways Single Fathers Can Help Their Kids Deal with Bullying

Bullying continues to be a big problem in schools all over the country as research revealed that between 1 in 4 students have experienced bullying in school. The study also showed that most of the bullying happens in middle school. While there is a growing awareness...

The Circular Argument

    We’ve all had them: the argument that starts at one point and always gets back to that same argument we’ve had a dozen times before with our loved one, teenager, mother, ex-spouse, siblings. Point A has been revisited so many times, you know the script by heart....

So He Cries

                  There was a man that wanted a son, though he was not married. His lady friend became pregnant though they were not in love. He asked for an abortion because he didn’t know how to be a father. He did not get a paternity test though it was available....

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