Read Mark chapter 12; and also 1Peter 1:6-7

In his letter Peter explains that we should “rejoice” in our trials- for they may even be “necessary” for our faith to increase. We often use the metaphor “in the fire” to describe the things we’re going through, or even how God “turns the heat up” on us to expose and remove our iniquities. Peter says that even gold, which we consider to be one of the most valuable metals- will perish in the fire. However, our faith in God INCREASES when we’re in the fire- and the result is not destruction, but PRODUCTION in our lives!

In Mark chapter 12, Jesus explains that He is the “cornerstone” of our faith (verse 10). Those who reject Him will be destroyed, but those who don’t shall be part of His Kingdom. We are to love God first with all that we have, and others as ourselves (vs 29-31); Honor God with our finances (vs 17, 43, & 44); and know that Jesus is Lord (vs 35-40). When we do these things, we grow in the Lord, and when the heat is on- we WILL rejoice! For we know that we are standing on a firm foundation in Christ, growing in Him and closer to Him each day.