A few weeks ago, I attended an annual Summit for Fatherhood ministry leaders in the Northwest corner of Georgia—a beautiful establishment and setting! This was my fourth visit to the Summit in the past five years, so I know it well. I will say, however, the first couple years I was a bit “star struck” by being in the presence of some of the top names in men’s leadership around the world—men and women I’ve heard of and seen their names on books, but never met them in person. I even went as far one day to compare the Summit to “the Emmys of Fatherhood ministry”. One leader jokingly replied, “I wouldn’t say that!” This year I was able to relax more, enjoy the teachings and company, and allow God to work on me.

Traditionally, a perk of attending the Summit is we always get to view a movie before it is released in the theaters. In years past I have gotten to see movies such as War Room and The Young Messiah before the public does. This year we watched I Can Only Imagine—a production of the Erwin Brothers and based on the true-life story of Bart Millard, the lead singer of Mercy Me. Now, anyone who has listened to Christian music before (even on some secular stations) has surely heard the song I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me. In fact, I believe it is the #1 contemporary Christian song of all time, and rightly so. The movie is based on the early life of Bart and how the song came to be. Don’t worry, no spoiler alerts here!

All I want to focus on is one simple question I picked up in the movie, a question that really changed the way I approach many aspects of my life: “What’s your song?” In other words, what do I (we) possess that is God-given that is waiting to be unveiled in our lives? Something that was not inspired by someone else, or too cliché, if you will. No, a work of art, a masterpiece of some sort that comes from our innermost being—deep in our hearts and souls. Something that only the Holy Spirit Himself can draw out of us. For myself, I believe it could be a book, an article, or maybe even a presentation, I don’t know yet.

The point is this: whether you are a single parent or not; a dad, a mom, an executive, a chef; whether you are an artist, a singer, an athlete, a writer, or whatever—there is something inside of YOU that only you can possess. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we would walk in them.” (NASB)

What has God placed in your heart that is being prepared to be released? What are your greatest passions or desires? Do you believe they are placed there by the Lord and if so, will you allow Him to dig deep into you and help draw it out? It may be painful, uncomfortable at least. Still, that is where the true masterpiece comes from. If we allow our flesh and everyday lives to take precedence, we drastically hinder those predestined good works God has for us. My advice is you begin to pray specifically for God to bring you to a place where your song, whatever that may be, is written. It may not even be a song at all—but it will sing of God’s glory in your life. It is when we reach these sorts of divine moments that we catch a glimpse of Christ’s redeeming work in our lives. However, until we are in His presence for all of eternity, we can simply say for now, I can only imagine.