A Father's Walk

Our Story

There is so much emphasis on the female gender with little attention to the male sex. The skewed focus doesn’t mean the male species have to endure the societal norm- the hard heart.

It is a father’s joy to make their son or daughter happy. But, there is always some unfortunate event that a man will be left alone to take care of their children. We will be stating some of the reasons why there is a single father that is left and we also give some services to help them overcome and for them to be confident in raising a child all by themselves. There is a lot of support groups that will guide and help them if they needed help.

The Challenges a Single Father Faces

Let’s face it. Parenting is a tough job that two people find very strenuous to deal with, not to talk of one. Single parenting, especially for single fathers, can be mentally and physically draining. Dismiss the urge to think that men are stronger than women, hence they should be able to do a brilliant job of handling the kids alone. That’s not true; if anything, men do more badly at single parenting than women. And it’s for this reason that single fathers must brace up and prepare themselves adequately for the task of single parenthood.

Our Goal

“Create an Impact on our children’s life by giving fathers the tools they will need in order to change their own lives and the lives of their children”