Fun Yet Simple Treats for Single Fathers

Single fathers are men living with their children, and they have no spouses or live-in partners. Some of the reasons for single fatherhood include divorce, death of the wife, and abandonment by the wife.

There have been increasing rates of single parenthood over the last few years. The main reason for this is the lack of commitment between married couples and giving birth outside of marriage.

Statistics show that most single fathers are divorced. Other studies that were done on single dads revealed that there is more likelihood that single fathers are older, white men, or have a better education compared to single mothers.

About 56% of children live with their single fathers, who are white. Also, about 23% of single fathers are more likely to have an educational level of at least a bachelor’s degree.

Raising children alone and taking up the responsibilities at home without support from a partner can be challenging. Single fathers, like any other single parent, can be lonely, frustrated, and tensed.

Life might not be easy on the single fathers’ side, more so, because they are under high pressure to provide their children with everything that they need. It is not easy being a single dad. Therefore, single fathers need self-care and some time and space to enjoy some fine treat.

Going for treats can be an amazing experience that brings some joy to you even when you are going through a lot.

Single fathers can also go out with their children to enjoy these fun moments together. Below are some fun yet simple treats for single fathers:

  • Prepare your favorite coffee or visit a coffee shop nearby
  • Set aside a movie night
  • Order chicken and fries at your favorite restaurant

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Treat Yourself as a Single Father

1. Prepare your favorite coffee or visit a coffee shop nearby

Coffee is one fine treat that you should consider trying if you are a single father. At the coffee shop, you’ll choose the type of coffee that you enjoy the most.

Coffee is a useful beverage touted to have several benefits you’ll find handy as a single parent. The drink can be taken with other foods, or you can just consume it alone.

Some of the foods that go well with coffee and would be good for a treat include doughnuts, dark chocolates, smoked salmon, and bagel. Drinking some coffee can boost your physical performance and general mood.

Some of the health benefits of coffee include:

  • It helps obese people lose some weight
  • Consuming it keeps you alert and focused
  • Your risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease is minimized
  • It helps you burn some fat
  • Reduces your risk of developing cancer

Single fathers go through a lot, and the stress that comes with single parenthood can cause some dangerous diseases.

Therefore, single fathers should opt for coffee and other coffee-related treats often to reduce their chances of being diagnosed with chronic health conditions.

You also need to consider various coffee makers in the market to prepare the best drink at home. In this case, you’ll need to focus on choosing between deluxe prestige and Gaggia anima machines for preparing coffee.

Consider other coffee makers and brewers in the market for the best coffee.

2. Set aside a movie night

As a single father, agree with your child or children to spare some time at least once a week to watch your favorite movie together. Alternatively, if you’re ever busy, make it at least once a month.

Don’t forget to prepare and avail of some of your favorite snacks on your movie night. It’s your day! Treat yourself with whatever snack or drink you wish to consume.

It isn’t compulsory that you go to a cinema, especially if you can’t afford it. You can just watch a movie from the comfort of your home.

What will make it special is that it’s your movie night? This is a simple treat for single fathers, but it gives a fun, memorable experience.

3. Order chicken and fries at your favorite restaurant

Chicken and fries are one of the simplest and most delicious meals that most people order for a treat. Eating is one of the ways you can make yourself happy.

Some men don’t know how to cook properly. Therefore, when you go out, make sure that you eat your favorite food to your fill.

Preparing chicken and fries at home might also be hard for some men because it takes time.

However, you deserve to enjoy yourself. So, whenever you crave fries, give yourself a treat. You can also bring your children along to enjoy some family time together.


Single fathers can do various things to treat themselves and their kids, as discussed in this article. Others include visiting local restaurants to make available opportunities to redeem offers on delicious bites.

You can also enjoy national and international Father’s Day together with other fathers, buy yourself a present for managing to take care of your kids alone, and taking part in fun community activities.