6 Fun Ways to Connect With Your Kids

Although family bonding and connection aren’t often talked about, humans are wired for them.

When your kids sustain an injury, what do they do even before crying? They look for their parents, that is, their safe protector.

The protective instinct lies at a part of the brain called the limbic system and enables you to scan an environment looking for safety under a minute when you perceive your child is in danger.

A loving father or caregiver provides just the security the kids need to thrive.

Once you establish a connection with your kids, your relationship with them will transform positively.

When your kids feel secure, they become confident enough to attempt new things or become more obedient.

And as the trust, connection, and understanding between both parties increase, you’ll receive greater cooperation from them, and the need to direct and guide them reduces.

And the best part is?

These connection lasts for life, even after your kids have grown and left home and you have only a heart filled with bright shared moments.

The following are ways to connect and bond more with your kids.

1.  Play With Them

Playing with your kids is one sure way to bond with them. You can play board games, video games, superheroes, have pillow fights, or watch cartoons.

Remember to be a kid with them and play at their level.

Besides these indoor games, you can take the fun outside and indulge in one of the many outdoor games like hunting; however, you’ll need to teach them the safety precautions before you begin.

Ensure to ditch your gun and buy a new crossbow instead. Crossbows are a sure way of enjoying a hunt without the noise of a firearm, and the sight of too much blood might scare the children.

2.  Get Affectionate

Physical touch facilitates instant connection, so ensure you give your kids kisses and hugs when they wake up or say goodbye when they leave for school.

You can snuggle with them on the couch or bed, ask them to sit beside you on the sofa, or rest your hand on their shoulder while walking. These acts will deepen the connection you share with them.

Most times, lending a listening ear and being supportive works better than words when your kid is struggling with certain life issues.

For instance, some children discover they perform well with their homework when they complete them sitting on their daddy’s lap.

Physical affection assures your kid that they’re safe even when words don’t.

3.  Listen Without Offering Advice

Parents are always quick to offer advice when the kids come with their issues.

While we naturally want to help, the quickest way to boost connection is by hearing them out.

They want to know that you empathize with them, just like their best friends will do. However, the idea isn’t to act like their friend but as a parent.

You’ll need to apply tact since you wouldn’t want to talk to them when their emotions are still frayed.

Wait till they’ve finished ranting and off-loading those feelings before striking up a conversation about what happened.

4.  Laugh Together and Often

Get silly and laugh together.

Laughter works well to clear the stormy clouds in your life and shift light tensions.

Do fun things together and laugh while at it.

You can jump on your kids for tickles, and regardless of their belly laughs, screams and giggles continue till everyone is tired.

5.  Cook Together

Involve the kids in the food preparation process once they’re able to run some small errands. This practice offers you an excellent opportunity to connect with them.

You’ll have additional hands for mixing ingredients, stirring the pot, and setting the table.

Remember also to eat together at least once a day. You can agree on having breakfast or dinner together.

That way, you talk about your day or any other mundane topic and connect.

6.  Read a Bedtime Story

Finding time to read bedtime stories to your kids every night before they sleep is another way to connect with them.

It’s true we are often tired after the day’s activities; however, once you make this a habit, it becomes much simpler.

Reading aloud to your kids has its benefits and can take about 20 minutes to accomplish, so make those minutes as enjoyable as you can for yourself and the kids.


Connecting with your kids means you have to play at their level and on their own terms, even if it’s for a few minutes.

Hopefully, you’ve gained some inspiration on how to connect with your kids. Remember that creating that bond with them and sustaining it requires consistency.

Don’t switch on and off on them. Constantly show your kids love and attention, and find time to do fun things or simply snuggle with them.

In the end, you’ll discover that you’ve built a connection with them that follows them into adulthood.

If you’re a single father struggling with connecting with your kids, you might want to check out other parental tips at the Father’s Walk website.