Our Story

Who We Are

 Jesse M. Weeden, the founder of A Fathers Walk Organization, takes time to look at some of the issues affecting fathers, brothers, male cousins, and husbands with more attention to single father parenthood.

About Us

It is the joy of every father to bring up their children in a complete set up with both the father and the mother playing their roles in the upbringing of a child.

However, that is not the reality on the ground. Many reasons lead to fathers having to take care of their children on their own.

Some of them include loss of a partner, irreconcilable differences, separation, and divorce. At A Fathers Walk, we walk the journey together.

Your reasons are not a problem for us. We accommodate you and provide you with all the necessary support to rediscover yourself.

We offer the necessary support to accept that you are the only parent, as of now, who has to play a double role in the upbringing of the children.

Mission and Vission

To equip you with the right skills, knowledge, and counseling support to stay put for your children.

Engaging as many single fathers as possible for the benefit of allowing them to live a fulfilling life despite the family surroundings.

We understand the challenges; you endure as a single father. Some include the sleepless nights trying to catch up with the house chores, the endless questions from your children on the whereabouts of their mothers, the work-life balance, and not to forget the lonely nights.

We attest to the fact that we understand the emotional support and psychological support you need.

At times you are weighed down with all these “tags” that you have to carry on your shoulder.

If you think you are alone in this journey, you are deceived. We have thousands of other single fathers, some in their initial stages; others are trying to cope up while others are experienced singles fathers.

Our emotional interactive sessions are eye-openers to our members. They give you the necessary support through our support counseling services to make the journey as exciting as possible.

Our Services

  • Remarriage counseling in case it’s your line of thought
  • Support and community forum services
  • Empowerment programs
  • Interactive capacity building sessions
  • Sports activities for fathers to unwind
  • Child counselling

How We Started

“For some reason, my male friends loved to share their experiences in their marital “bliss.” They thought I had the best, little did they know I was in their shoes differently.

I was bleeding from inside. After some years of a painful divorce, it opened my eyes to the plight of what other fathers were going through in the hands of wives that prompted me to allow them to vent and share their experiences. He continues to recount. That is the basis of this website”. He concludes

Our Approach

Our journey to bring the fathers on board is a painful yet disgusting one. The hard-heart and introvert nature of most fathers is still a challenge.

However, with our professional counselors, they’ve simplified and softened their hearts for a change.

With the first –hand practical experience from the founder, be sure of reliable and workable solutions to the challenges affecting single fatherhood.

We also appreciate the joys that come with it, like the freedom and ability to bring the children according to your desire and the independence that comes with it.

We equip our viewers with the right skill set to look at the challenge as a solvable problem rather than wallow in pity, trying to recount the good old moments which may never come back.

Although we encourage this, we do it in moderation, or it limits your chance to move on and start life anew. In our partnership programs, we match some of the partners. We have had successful remarriages from these encounters.

We believe birds of the same feather flock together. Single mothers have also gone through difficult times. Both have rediscovered their potentials.

 In our counseling sessions, we encourage partners to focus on themselves. Some of the questions they ask and answer include

  • Which role did you play that you think made you have this “new” title?
  • How has being a single father changed your life?
  • Given a chance to stay with a partner, what will you change?
  • What are the learning lessons in your experience as a single father?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg on the in-depth analysis of our interactive sessions.

Our members come out of our program with a different mindset. Given a chance to start life again, they never forget the quality of teaching they get in our programs.

Our testimonials section gives you a sleek preview of what some members have to say about us.

A Fathers Walk Organization is a one-stop-shop for all matters of single fatherhood.