For the Single Dads

What Challenges Do Single Fathers Face?

Many single fathers’ challenge is their parenting style. And this is evident because, naturally, men perform poorly in caring and nurturing compared to women. Most single fathers’ parenting style is one that tries to arrest every situation from a tough angle. Dads may try to shush their kids when something happens instead of talking it out. Other times single fathers may handle all of their children’s problems with a ‘fix it’ mentality. They are overprotective of their kids and never let them do anything on their own. Since single dads most times lack the tact, patience, and skill to persuade children, they follow the least path of resistance by always ‘helping out’ and not ‘talking it out.’

Tips for the Single Dads

1.   Communication 

As a single dad, you need to understand that it takes a particular skill to communicate with kids. You need to know that there is a way to talk so kids can listen and listen so kids can talk. When communicating with your kids, you should ask a lot of questions and be patient enough to get a response. Once you do this, you’ll find that communicating with kids isn’t all that hard.  Sometimes, all you need to do to keep the communication lines open is to be fully involved in your kids’ lives. 

2.   Balance

Single parents often struggle to juggle work and parenting responsibilities. If you are a single father, you may discover that as you focus on the kids, you find less time for hobbies, hangouts with friends, and even yourself. Sometimes, it could be the other way round; you spend more time at the office, and less with the kids. The key to striking the perfect balance between finding time for the kids and yourself is by coming up with a schedule to maximize your time,

3.   Support

 The strain of single parenting can take a severe toll on anyone, and single fathers are not left out. What’s worse, single dads may act tough and not deem it necessary to ask for support. You must understand that you need to be concerned about your physical and mental health. If you have a teenage daughter, it may prove helpful if you get a woman who can help you mentor and guide her. Also, you can always talk to other single fathers and share experiences and advice that may help you deal with any parenting problems.

4.   Flexibility

When fathers become initiated into the world of single parenting, they harbor lofty expectations.  The painful realities of adjusting to the level of kids and forming good relationships replace their initial simplistic view of parenting. You need to know that things might occasionally get messy with the whole parenting thing. When this happens, maintaining order and keeping your sanity all boils down to your level of adaptability. When you understand that successful parenting is an evolving journey with twists and turns, it will help you better handle your kids’ tantrums and emotional outbursts.